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Founded: 1982

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For his Clients nationwide, Fraser Allport is “ The Total Advisor™ ”, specializing           in Social Security, Medicare, Retirement Planning, Estate Planning, Income Tax Reduction, Asset Protection, and “ Total Planning ” for Individuals and Business Owners. 


Born in Connecticut in 1959, Fraser graduated in 1982 from Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service in Washington, D.C., where he studied Business, Finance, History, and Economics. 


Fraser has been a Self-Employed Entrepreneur since the day that he graduated from Georgetown, serving Clients as an Independent Financial Professional for more than three decades. 


Fraser is the Owner of  The Total Advisor, LLC, a Financial, Retirement,             and Estate Planning Firm in Vero Beach, Florida. “ The Total Advisor, LLC ”,                                 

is also an Independent Insurance Agency. Fraser is an Investment Advisor Representative, a Fiduciary for his Clients, and also a Certified Estate Planner™.


Fraser advises Clients on how to Retire successfully. Fraser builds his Clients                  a holistic, integrated “ Life Plan ”  that includes Retirement and Social Security Planning, Medicare and Health Care Planning, Income Tax Reduction, Estate Planning and Asset Protection. 

As an Investment Advisor and Fiduciary, Mr. Allport’s Rule # 1  is simple :        Help protect a Client’s Money, which will therefore also protect the Client’s standard of living as well. Protecting your Principal is Fraser’s # 1 priority.



Fraser has volunteered as a Mentor at “ We Venture ” ( formerly The Women’s Business Center ) at the Florida Institute of Technology in Melbourne, FL.             Fraser has also taught at The Corporate and Community Training Institute at Indian River State College. Fraser taught “ Financial Wellness in the Workplace " to Corporate Executives, HR Managers, and Employees, both onsite and online. 



Fraser is a Certified Corporate Wellness Specialist™, educating and empowering people about their Finances. Fraser has provided financial classes pro bono to Police Officers and Fire Fighters across the country in his Mission to " Save America's Middle Class.” He has also served as an Instructor at The Indian River Sheriff’s Office for his “ Financial Wellness in The Workplace ” Course. Fraser is trained to help Employers educate their Employees about all of their “ Money Matters. ”



Fraser supports The Florida Sheriffs Youth Ranches, and is proud to have            served as an Ambassador for Florida’s Guardian Ad Litem Program, which      helps children at risk. Fraser enjoys doing pro bono public speaking presentations to Charities, Churches, and Non-Profits on how to increase Fundraising and Planned Giving.




Below are just a few of the many topics that Fraser teaches: 


• Understanding The Stock Market. How to protect your Money ?

• Social Security and Retirement Planning for Safety and Income. 

• Estate Planning – Are You Leaving A Legacy, or Leaving A Mess ? 

• Income Tax Reduction: It’s not what you make. It’s what you keep.

• Asset Protection: How to protect yourself from lawsuit-happy America ?


Since 1982, Fraser has served his Clients as an Independent Financial Professional. Fraser has always worked for himself, and for his Clients,             not some Big Company or Big Bank. The only name on Fraser’s business             card is his. Fraser lives in Daytona Beach, FL., and works with Clients all      across the USA. 


Fraser’s vast knowledge and experience in Financial Services, Economic History, and The Global Markets have earned him the title of “ The Total Advisor ™ ”. 


Fraser has built his Business and lasting Client relationships on the principles with which he was raised :


Be Honest and Work Hard.

Always Keep Your Word.

Finish What You Start.

Treat People Right. 



After 36 Years in Financial Services, Fraser has either seen it, or done it,                       or knows where to find it for you. As an Independent Financial Advisor and Fiduciary, Fraser has the resources and contacts to find you some of the best Investments available, for the least cost. Fraser has the skills, experience, and Network to help  his Clients with any of their financial Needs and Goals, Personal or Business.         


As “ The Total Advisor ™ ”, Fraser provides comprehensive Financial Services          for his small Clientele. “ More, for Less, and On Time ” is Fraser’s motto.



Fraser offers the following Services :



• Estate Planning. Fraser is a Certified Estate Planner ™

• Social Security, Medicare, and Retirement Planning

• Comprehensive Planning for Business Owners

• Income Tax Reduction and Asset Protection

• Registered Investment Advisory Services

• Online  ( Discount )  Brokerage Accounts

• Health Insurance - Individual and Group

• Long Term Care and Home Health Care

• Final Expense and Specialty Insurance

• Life Insurance and Annuities

• Fee-Based Consulting



Fraser Has been Self-Employed for 36 Years now, and can do business      in all 50 States. When you need him … He will be there for you too.


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